I’m very happy to share the news that we’ve got a couple of new faces joining the team! Alex Bartholomew, Chelsea Burnett, and Jason Cooley will be helping to expand our severe weather coverage this spring. The creation of a dedicated storm chasing group means we’ll be able to provide even more visuals of ongoing severe weather across Texas in near real-time. Research over the past several years has shown that the general public is more likely to respond to an approaching weather threat if they can actually see it. Most folks see a bunch of spilled paint when looking at a radar image, but will take life-saving action if they see a picture of live video of a tornado, destructive hail, or other dangerous hazards. Please join me in welcoming Alex, Chelsea, and Jason to the team! You can read their bios on our ‘About Us’ page located here. Stay tuned for even more exciting news as we head toward our spring severe weather season.