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Freezing Fog Potential Increasing Overnight

There’s increasing concerns for the development of freezing fog…mainly across the panhandle and west central Texas overnight tonight where temps are already at or below freezing in many locations.  At this time, no Freezing Fog Advisories have been put into effect, but that could change for parts of this region by tomorrow morning.  Freezing fog can be just as hazardous, if not more hazardous, to driving conditions as sleet or freezing rain because it’s not as obvious to drivers on the roadways.  It sneaks in on little cat feet, as the poem by Carl Sandburg goes, and is a major contributor to “black ice” on bridges and roadways.  Be sure you check local media in the morning for the latest on local road conditions before heading out!

Further east towards the DFW metro, foggy and drizzly conditions are also expected overnight, but temps are not forecasted to fall below freezing, so freezing fog should not become an issue.  Along the coast, dense fog of the non-freezing variety has already developed and will continue to be an issue through early tomorrow morning.  Here along the central coastal region, Dense Fog Advisories have been issued already, so take extra precautions if you have to be out and about overnight and early tomorrow  morning.

AMA Freezing Fog

Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Amarillo, TX


Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Lubbock, TX

MAF Tonight

Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Midland/Odessa, TX

Dense Fog Corpus

Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Corpus Christi, TX

Freezing Drizzle Event Underway (Austin/San Antonio/Hill Country)

While not showing up very well on radar, reports of light icing on elevated surfaces are beginning to show up in the Hill Country region..mainly south of I-10 at this time, although we have seen a reports possible ice in the Kerrville area.  Expectations are that the freezing drizzle will continue to expand north and northeast in coverage this morning, with the highest concentration of icing around and north of I-10.  Freezing drizzle is expected to begin impacting area roadways by around 6am, if not sooner.  Any ice that forms on bridges, overpasses and roadways will likely make for a hazardous commute this morning.  By noon, temps should be just above freezing which would bring an end to the freezing precip potential.  Please check on road conditions with local media before heading out the door this morning.  Slow down, keep plenty of distance between you and the car ahead of you!

WWA (3)


Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Austin/San Antonio


Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Houston/Galveston



Weather Roundup – Wednesday February 5th

Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone!  Cold start today for most of the state, but we’ll be even colder by tomorrow morning.  Wind Chill Advisories are already in place for 3am to Noon for much of northern Texas.  Chill values of -10 degrees to zero degrees can be expected across areas under Advisories, so be sure to follow the Four P’s….People, Pets, Pipes and Plants.  Hopefully by now, everyone has already prepared warm shelter for outdoor pets and livestock, covered all exposed outdoor faucets and pipes, and brought any outdoor plants inside.  Remember to bundle up in layers tomorrow morning, including hat, gloves and warm boots, as exposed skin can begin to suffer the effects of frostbite within 30 minutes of exposure when the chill values dip that low.

Wind Chill Advisories

Wind Chill values expected by 4am tomorrow morning….

Wind Chill Temps 4am Thurs

The cold front has made it almost to the coast this morning which will mean much cooler highs today across all of the state.  Much of coastal and south Texas have already reached their high for today, mainly in the 50’s and 60’s as temperatures have already begun to fall as the front passes through.  Folks in the panhandle, western and west central Texas will be in the mid teens and low 20’s today.  30’s can be expected across north central, northeast and down into central Texas.

Highs Today Lows Tonight

As yet another upper level disturbance approaches from the west later today, snow showers are expected to develop after sunset this evening across the northern and central panhandle region.  The bulk of the panhandle snow is currently expected to fall between about midnight and 6am tomorrow morning. Overall accumulations there are expected to be light, but a few areas could see a couple of inches before daybreak on Thursday. Snow is also expected across parts of northwest and north central Texas during the morning to noon timeframe.  Accumulations there are also expected to be light, ranging from about 1-2 inches out towards Wichita Falls, Vernon and Childress, with lesser amounts further east.  The DFW area is not expected to receive more than a light dusting across the northern metro counties, and just a few flurries within the metro area.

FWD Thurs Snowfall

Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Ft. Worth, TX

Snow Fz Drizzle Rain Thurs 7am

Further south across parts of the Hill Country mainly around Austin and San Antonio, freezing drizzle is expected to develop overnight and into tomorrow morning.  Ice accumulations are expected to be very low, but as we know so well…any ice accumulation in the Austin/San Antonio metro area can quickly cause hazardous driving conditions.  Please check your local media and TXDot before heading out on the roads tonight and tomorrow morning.  We will continue to monitor and keep you up to date with the latest!

EWX Fz Drizzle Thurs Morning

Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Austin/San Antonio, TX

Weather Roundup – Tuesday February 4th

Starting off snowy and cold across the panhandle and south plains this morning! An upper level disturbance, currently moving into western Texas, brought several inches of freezing fog/drizzle and snow to parts of the panhandle overnight.  Slick roads across the region will make travel a pain in the derriere this morning, so be sure to check local media or TXDot site before heading out.  Sanding crews are working the major roads/highways around Lubbock, Amarillo and over towards the Childress area, but secondary roads will be slick and remain mostly untreated.  Looks like there’s lots of delayed openings for schools across the area, and a few closings.  If you don’t have to be anywhere, grab a Snuggie and your favorite morning beverage and enjoy the snowy morning!

AMA Graphicast

Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Amarillo, TX

LUB Graphicast

Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Lubbock, TX

Further east, rain and drizzle that developed overnight continues to fall across parts of north central, central, east central and southeast Texas this morning.  A rather large layer of dry air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere has likely kept rainfall totals from being any higher.  Some areas may receive up to 1/4 inch under some of the heavier showers, but overall, only around a tenth of an inch accumulation when it’s all said and done.  Rain should begin clearing out of the DFW metro area over the next couple of hours, but will continue impact northeast, east and southeast Texas until the early afternoon hours.  Once the upper level disturbance that is bringing all this snow and rain as passed over the state later this afternoon, skies will briefly clear and things will begin to dry out.

Accumulated Precip

Data and graphic provided by www.hazwx.com

A cold front will be pushing through the state this evening and overnight bringing with it more Arctic air which will be sticking around over the next several days.  The really cold air will be lagging behind the front by several hours, but should be making its way into north Texas after midnight. Highs today ahead of the front will be mild for all but those affected by sleet and snow over the weekend and last night.  Lows tonight will be highly impacted on how far south the front has made it.  As always, these things tend to move quicker than models have forecasted.  Once the arctic air settles in tomorrow, highs will be a good 20 or so degrees cooler than today, and lows will be quite chilly Wednesday night with lows in the single digits, teens and low 20’s across most of northern Texas, and lows around freezing further south.  Stay with us for further updates later on regarding winter weather potential for the remainder of the week! 

HIghs Today

Lows Tonight

Front 6pm

Data & graphic provided by www.hazwx.com

Front Midnight

Data and graphic provided by www.hazwx.com


Weather Roundup – Friday January 31

Good morning and happy Friday!  Starting off today with patchy dense fog across portions of the hill country.  This should begin to burn off after sunrise this morning.  Winds from the south are also channeling lots of gulf moisture into the southern and central parts of the state with the end result being a sharp rise in humidity and cloud cover.  Today’s highs are expected to be quite pleasant and well above normal for this time of the year.  Most of the state will be in the 70’s by this afternoon, with a few low 80’s for deep south Texas and along the Rio Grande.  Yesterday’s weak cold front that moved into parts of the panhandle and far northwest Texas will push slightly north again today and waiting for another push of colder air expected on Saturday.  This will result in a pretty sharp temperature gradient across the northeastern panhandle region where highs will range from the 40’s to 60’s.

Highs today

Overnight, lows will range from the 40’s out in western and west central Texas where less overnight cloud cover is expected.  Further east across north central, northeast, eastern, central and southern zones, temps will be 10-15 degrees higher overnight due to extensive cloud cover keeping a blanket on radiational cooling.   Areas of sea fog are also possible along the upper coast tonight and again on Saturday night ahead of the next cold front.



Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Houston/Galveston, TX

Of course as we’ve been talking about, another strong cold front is expected to make its way through the state beginning Saturday for northern regions and continue through the southern regions early Sunday.  An upper level disturbance will approach the state after the front has passed and bring chances for wintry precipitation over parts of the panhandle, northwest and north central Texas on Sunday.  Snow is the most likely across the panhandle, with freezing rain/sleet/snow most likely across northwest and north central Texas.  The DFW metro area does have a slight chance at a light freezing rain/sleet mix, but that will be totally dependent on how cold surface temps are by early Sunday morning.  During the day on Sunday, temperatures are forecasted to be just above freezing which will lead to better chances of  just a rain and snow flurry mix.  South and east of the DFW metro area, light rain will fall for most of the day.  We’ll have more info out later today regarding the overall rain chances, plus the latest data on this winter weather potential, so stay tuned!

FWD Wintry Mix Sunday

Graphic courtesy of the NWS office in Ft. Worth, TX

GFS Noon Sunday



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