Day: July 5, 2017

Decreasing Storm Coverage Through the Evening; Localized Flooding Threat Continues

Scattered thunderstorms erupted this afternoon across portions of North Texas extending southwest into the Big Country. These storms fired up in a weakly sheared environment. That means each thunderstorm’s updraft generally lasted less than an hour. As those storms weakened they produced outflow boundaries. Those boundaries, in turn, helped new storms fire up nearby. By the early evening hours, we ended up with strong storms across the D/FW Metroplex with additional scattered storms in the Concho Valley, Hill Country, and eastern Big Country. These storms are moving various directions depending on which direction their respective outflow boundary is moving. The risk of severe weather is low this evening, although we did have some 50-65 MPH microbursts earlier this afternoon. Now that the sun has set we’ll see a decline in both thunderstorm intensity and coverage through midnight. In a weakly-sheared, unstable environment most thunderstorm’s are diurnally driven. Without any big source of lift in place after sunset, these storms slowly weaken in the evening hours, although outflow boundaries can keep storms going into the late evening hours. One example of that is in the eastern Big Country where an outflow boundary is helping to spark off new storms at the time of this blog writing. Regardless, we’ll see storm coverage decrease over the coming hours. Flash flooding will remain a concern where heavy rains fall for an extended duration....

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#WeatherWednesday – Fog

Happy #WeatherWednesday everyone! I hope you liked the astronomy infused refresher lesson on solstices in our last discussion. This time we’ll go back to qualitative meteorology today and talk about fog. Fog development and sustenance follow simple thermodynamic principles. This means if conditions are ideal for fog, there will be fog. Fog forms the same way clouds higher in the sky do. It happens when air is cooled to its dew point. The dew point is defined as the temperature in which a sample of air will reach condensation (become visible suspended water droplets). The dew point is governed...

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Wednesday July 5th Outlook – Storms in the forecast for NE and North Central TX

Rain and storm chances today will be concentrated across portions of northeast Texas and north central Texas where the Storm Prediction Center has placed a Marginal Risk (Level 1) for severe weather today.  Rain and thunder from an overnight convective system will continue to slowly push southeast across northeast Texas this morning bringing gusty winds, frequent lightning and heavy downpours across the region.   Additional development further west is possible this afternoon mainly for areas along and south of the I-20 corridor.  A few storms could become marginally severe with damaging wind gusts as the main threat.  Folks out...

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